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The Body Campaign is a process format that I have developed. I have targeted topics and approaches from my experiences as a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher and structured them into a specific teaching format. I accompany a group over a period of either two weeks (small format) or four weeks (large format) and give practical as well as theoretical inputs that can be worked on and experienced individually by each student. The contents of the body campaign are as follows:

1. kinesthetic perception exercises (somatic work) and input on the human nervous system / bodywork according to osteopathic approaches

2. movement fundamentals: clearly structured movement improvisation

3. physical intelligence

4. work with movement sequences

5. choreographic basics

6. embodied interpretation (narratives of the body)

7. embodied solo (application of what has been learned in own choreographing)

The Body Campus is a performance format in which the experiences from the body campaign can be shown to an audience. It can be also called "sharing". The students can develop their own short pieces alone, in pairs, in threes or also as a large group - accompanied by me -  or present the experiences of the body campaign in a lecture format. It doesn't have to be a fixed end result - students are free to experiment with what they want to work with. The Body Campus is a platform that offers students the opportunity to try out performing and to explore the themes, questions and desires around the topic of "performance". 

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