Since 2019, I am teaching at Seneca Intensiv Bildungsprogramme and Jugendtheaterwerkstatt Spandau as well as in my own practice group "Embodiment and Movement Research." In 2021, I started teaching at "Die Etage Berlin" as a fixed member of the team.


In educational settings, the content of my classes are technique as well as somatical oriented (floor work and some specific improvisational principles) following the goal for the students learning how to educate their physical intelligence up to a level that becomes very precise. The term "embodied" interpretation of the given material that nourrishes the technique and form of the movements will also be adressed intensively.


My teaching approach is a holistic one. The technical work (phrases, floor work, jump routines...) goes hand in hand with the ability to use the individual movement vocabulary working on improvisational principles and, as I wrote above, to in - form the movement with ones embodied and expressive capacities which are also being explored in the classes by using specific scores and exercises. That ensures the growth of each student not only in terms of technical execution, but also in terms of using their own movement vocabulary to creatively generate movement material and exploring their potential to the fullest. A very important factor of my approach is about how consciously the dancers can approach a movement. My competencies around the sensorial approach on movement will help this process to balance the deep and extensive work with the body with sensorial exercises to explore the nervous system to a deeper level which is, in my opinion, important to learn how to regulate oneself and to add "colours" to already existing qualities in their movements. I support each and everyone's unique artistic personality.


That will prepare the students to the working field as skilled, versatile movers who have each a unique way of interpreting and executing dance.