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I am deeply convinced that movement expresses our deepest nature for which we sometimes have no words. Dance expresses that in a creative way. 

In my regular practice, I am looking for specific qualities. I thrive from tenderness to roughness and intensity. I am aiming for transformation. I am looking for a high physicality and self-surprising moments. 
In movement research and movement execution, I am interested in specificity and precision, containing the narrative but without forgetting the strong physicality. I am a dancer who sometimes seeks dangerous and sometimes tamed movements, sometimes delightful but determined, mysterious but always accessible.

My movement research relates to a variety of physically expressed motifs, dreams and codes of human life. 

I am deeply convinced that not only the experience and a career to look back on, but also a deep "being human" with values that can be transmitted are an important and fundamental aspect of any artistic path. I was glad that in my studies in contemporary dance I learned not only from very experienced teachers and choreographers, but also from artists and teachers who themselves are also still trying, learning and have questions that can be addressed together

Certainly I look at dance theoretically and sensorially as well; I find it exciting to look at this medium from different perspectives. But the basis of my understanding of my profession is primarily physical. Through dance, I have come to know myself and life more deeply, and that is also what I convey in my teaching as well as in choreographic pieces.

Parts of my artistic research is based on neuroscientific approaches to movement, because I believe and I also experienced that a deeper knowledge about the nervous system and our bodies in general is poorly spread. I am interested in bringing the creative and artistic work together with methods that are neurobiologically well researched to coach people - not only dancers - in the overall topic of embodiment. This knowledge is, in my point of view, very important to have a healthy, coherent and authentic career and serves dancers in the process of deeply embodying what they do.

I strongly believe in the benefit of committing oneself to certain practices and methodologies. In order to precisely continue and develop ones own approaches and methods of work,

it is crucial to have mentors. Therefore, I am happy to be a student of Shai Faran

and a few other teachers who are strongly influencing my work and my perception of art, life, transformation and work.

My latest research "Ahnenkörper" was funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the program
NEUSTART KULTUR, [aid program DIS-TANZEN/ tanz:digital/ DIS-TANZ-START] of the Dachverband
Tanz Deutschland and found its conclusion on 30.06.2023.

(Gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Programm NEUSTART KULTUR, [Hilfsprogramm DIS-TANZEN/ tanz:digital/ DIS-TANZ-START] des Dachverband Tanz Deutschland. - Beendet am 30.06.2023)

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