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Enjoying the cold of the marble

Performances: 12. + 13.11.2022
Production: JTW Spandau
In Cooperation with: DIE ETAGE Contemporary Dance, 2nd, 3rd year students and 2022 graduates

In "Enjoying the cold of the marble" Melissa Kieffer, together with the dancers and the musician and singer Vera Stausberg, who will be live on stage in the piece, investigates phenomena of being, wanting to be and not being. The dance and the musical composition grow out of the experiences of physical-mental alienation and relationship, lightness and powerlessness, touch and rejection, togetherness, community and isolation, joy and thoughtfulness. The piece suggests a sense of wanting to arrive, of wanting to let go, and emphasises the importance of turning to our own bodily constitution and embodiment.

Choreography: Melissa Kieffer

Music, Sound, Voice: Vera Stausberg

Dance: Qianying Cao, Kalil Anael Joigny, Melissa Muriel Skármeta Moraga, Paula Gina Wohlgemuth, Anna Milena Okel, Maite Kremke, Hanna Thurow, Clara Louisa Jehmlich, Sophia Benzmann, Andreina Stella Antonia Eymann, Sophie Karlin Schauerte

Lights and technical matters: Marco Sternsdorf, Chris


Review and interviews in german plus video impressions:

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