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A piece for and with 13 performers.

Performances: 18.9.21 & 19.9.21, JTW Spandau

Coproduced by: JTW Spandau

"NEO" is a piece that addresses the topic of newness and transformation.
Turn old into new. What remains then? What is old and what is new? Is old bad? Is new good? These questions are addressed by young performers who are guided by dance artist Melissa Kieffer who creates a contemporary dance theater choreography around the themes of "being new," "renewal," and also "reinventing oneself." To experimental music and with dynamic-expressive movement language and meaningful images, the performers move from old to new to old and new.
Choreography: Melissa Kieffer
Dancers: Alejandra Lepinat, Yohanna Lepinat, Janneke Campen, Linnea Fenske, Lea Heiser, Carla Damberg, Marlene Ensslen, Anne-Katrin Selzer, Paula Wohlgemuth, Ina Guo, Rahel Blumann, Emma Biermann, Milena Traut
Production: JTW Spandau
Performances: 18. & 19.9.2021, 18h at Jugendtheaterwerkstatt Spandau

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