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If I have lost my body, I have lost myself. If I find my body, I find myself.

- Vladimir Iljine 

General Teaching Philosophy


As dancers, we experience and explore life through our bodies. In my class, I meet the participants at eye level and offer a space for learning together. .


My goal is to give the participants tangible tools so that they can crystallize and expand their own movement language.


In terms of content, I work precisely on different elements of contemporary dance, which is very much based on my own practice. I am very interested in deep movement research and precision and I teach clear principles that are explored in improvisation and choreographic work. 

Embodied Interpretation/Physical Intelligence


If I had to give a name to my own practice and to what I teach it would be "Embodied Interpretation and Physical Intelligence." In my point of view, personal development and the development as a mover are always strongly interrelated. I am interested to make space for the embodiment of those developmental processes through my practice and the teaching of it. From somatic work and compositional improvisation to schematically structured and clear movement sequences, the class/workshop becomes a time of deeper understanding and expansion of our own movement vocabulary, anchoring in our own body and specifying the essential expression of kinesthetic energy, movement intention and form. Thereby we will have a closer look on how we actually embody the movements and how we can anchor ourselves in our physical intelligence.

Physical intensity and the associated mental stimulation as well as the balance of movement and stillness are fundamental principles of the class. We will work on specificity, precision and awareness of movement execution and movement research.

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